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Announcement: Club Applications

Posted by Lisa Flume

Lisa Flume
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Hello Knockturn! We are excited to bring back clubs! We have changed some rules and guidelines so here they are bellow.
Club Mod: Zoe [Senpai__App] Tripp
Club Admin: Lunaris [Lupaa] Winters

Cost of Clubs
Now club prices have been changed! Due to the new hardness of money you can now get a club for 1250 Galleons. (That's only 250 voting links!)

Weekly Newspaper
There is no longer a requirement for a weekly Newspaper. You may still have one but it will not be mandatory. This does, however, give great information to your members weekly though.

Club Application

Name of club:


Four owners:

Other club members must equal 10 members minimum (more are allowed of course) total:

Will you be needing a room at Hogwarts?

Rules and Guidelines:

How will you choose members?

What are the requirements to join?

Commitment: You have read and agreed to all the rules and regulations, failure to comply or keep standard club practices will result in club termination by order of the Ministry.


Send the application to Lupaa or Senpai__App and wait for approval

Reasons for Club Rejection
If you do not meet club requirements like members, owners, meetings, or more you're club will be revoked and you will need to reapply and possibly repay for it.
If you break any building codes your club room will be revoked. You're club will still be a club, but you will not have a club room. You will normally be given a one to two week notice of the violation so you can fix it. If it is not fixed is when action will be taken.

Older Clubs
Any clubs made before this announcement must submit a new application. Until submitted your club will be deemed inactive and you will not be able to host it as a registered club. Notice: This does not apply to Quidditch teams as they are server set clubs / teams.

The Process of Forming a Club
  • All owners read the rules and make sure your club follows / will follow them.
  • Make sure your club will meet the guidelines
  • Make sure you have 1,250 Galleons
  • Submit application to Club Staff via owl using a book and quill. Notice: Will be changed to Ministry once available
  • Wait for approval
  • IF YOU NEED A CLUB ROOM When approved and a Club Mod / Admin is on message them saying your application was accepted and you need a club room. Notice: If you are messaging a Club Mod make sure a Admin is on as well.
  • Get your meetings done on time and keep your members at 10 (including Owners) or more. Make sure to meet all rules at all times.

Any questions or concerns may be mailed to the Club Staff. Have a magical day!~