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Katna Malamius

I love coming back here, it's such a treat yet such a sad thing. It's a memory of those who have left and the history that has either faded or disappeared. It's a graveyard of thoughts and emotions that made some bonds and breaks, friendships and hatred, unity and separation, but most importantly, it made a community. Though this phase of the community has well passed, it's still a key point in the server's evolution. On June 3rd, I'm hitting my 3rd year on this server. 3 years of give and take, love and despise, friends and foes, it's been one long memory that is beginning to fade just like this forums. I have not been active on Knockturn outside of Quidditch since my last anniversary yet this server has been a part of 20% of my life. Moments pass to either be remembered or forgotten and I'm honestly rambling right now, but this forums carries so much to me. It reminds me of so many people who's memory in this server remains on my shoulders, but when I'm gone, who will remember? Perhaps those I carry will be lost forever but will I? Have I made a big enough impact on the server or am I going to fade into the background as another face in the growing crowd? Will Katna Cook, Katna Cunningham, Katna Garland, or Katna Malamius be remembered or will it become another Indigo or Cassandra Dixon? Will I be remembered for what I did for the server in a positive way or will I be known in a bad way such as being the only demoted Co-Owner? Will my sins and mistakes be lifted or will they always be there to tarnish my name? I find it difficult to return to Knockturn because of these memories, of where I once went and where I once fell. How I knew everyone back in the day but recognize nobody now. I don't really know what I'm saying, I'm just glad that the old forums are still preserved here to this day, and I really do hope that I don't get yelled at for a long status post.
May 06 2018 01:26 AM
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    Katna, no one will ever forget you. You'll never be a face in the back.
    May 12 2018 06:57 PM