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IRC guide for dinguses

Started by Crystal Bell , Feb 17 2015 12:33 PM

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Crystal Bell
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IRC Guide to chat with players in-game without using Minecraft


Our server is connected to the EsperNet chat network.

You can go into these chat rooms and talk to the players in-game. Any chat that is done in global chat will be visible there.

An example can be be seen below.




The easiest way to join Esper is by using a webclient known as KiwiIRC. If you click the link below you can connect to our channel directly.



To talk to the players in game, you put a ~ in front of your message, like like using ! to chat in global.

The server also knows a command to see what players are online, just type ~players to see.



Host: irc.esper.net 6666-6669 or 6697 SSL

Channel: #knockturn

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Andrio Celos
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We can't see who's online on IRC from in-game, can we?

And we can't PM them from in-game, can we?

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  • Nomsy
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@Andrio Celos shhhhh soon™

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Andrio Celos
  • Andrio Celos
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It seems we're now channel mode +r. That means you need a NickServ account to join the channel.

The /ns register command is used to register your current nickname.

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