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20 Facts/Knowledge about Knockturn You Probably Wish You Knew

Started by Pandette , Oct 05 2015 04:31 PM

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20] Guides to Class


All classes for FIRST YEARS are required to have a guide within the first 10 minutes of a class starting, but older classes are not required.  Only staff members are allowed to guide for a class.  The tradition that the professor didn't guide the class started when there was a bug in the original plugin which required students be outside the classroom when the class started to be apart of the class.  Professors would go to the class, start class, then have someone guide the students to the class.


19] The W in some people's names stands for Witch/Wizard


Originally we didn't know how to signify someone was graduated & also have a rank for it.  There was once a proposal that someone could graduate after 5th year and we would have 6 ranks for wizards who are graduated.  Rank 1: 5th year graduates who failed the O.W.L.S, Rank 2: 5th year graduates who passed, but not with O's.  Rank 3: 5th year graduates who passed with O.  Rank 4: 7th year graduates who failed N.E.W.Ts Rank 5: Passed N.E.W.T with less than O, and finally Rank5: Passed with O.


18] Experience & leveling up is less than a year old (when this post was made)


Yearing up was actually quite difficult for a long time.  Originally people would year up by doing an example that involved parkour & logic.  Then we had written exams that took over an hour to perform & was given manually. Finally the experience system was introduced & after some time leveling up to the next year was added.  This happened around February 2015 that people could finally automatically year up & for many people (Dayanara Lewis / Alex Schnee / Chris Brennan etc.) they had gone through many versions of the leveling up system.


17] Pandette has built 4 other Hogwarts Builds in minecraft before this.


She actually built them all in xbox, and was originally not interested in doing PC minecraft.  Her original hogwarts was a 7th movie based hogwarts that was build in survival.  The next successful build was a 1st movie hogwarts, build in xbox.  Halfway through that project, the previous owner of this server invited her to build in PC minecraft, and she has been working on this map since then (January 2014).


16] Richela didn't know anything about Harry Potter before joining Knockturn


Richela actually joined Knockturn when it was supposed to be "Harry Potter, Pirate World, Towny, and Shanaara."  She was joining for the other two worlds, and didn't know anything about Harry Potter.  She was the first person Pandette added to Co-Owner rank & gave OP after the move from the old server.


15] You can find the passwords to the Hidden Doors


6/9 of the hidden doors have hidden passwords.  They are all located inside structures in the Hogwarts Region, all on some type of sign, whether you have to read them or click them to get a message.  All the passwords are related to the location it brings you to from the Grand Stair Case Tower.  Some hints: One requires a broom, Four are inside the Castle itself, the others are outside, but inside.


14] Spells used to be restricted by years


Spells used to be restricted to a year so that only people of a certain year could cast a spell, but when Pandette learned to code, she decided that it would be better to make all spells available, so you could work to the next spell.  Years were supposed to represent knowledge, but like Hermione students who were that more determined could level up.


13] Doing lower level spells makes it possible to do higher level spells


The spells system was designed so if you do a certain number of lower level spells, you will be able to perform higher level spells more successfully.  That way people wouldnt be able to cast a 5th year spell right away, but if they did all the 1st year spells, doing 2nd year spells would be easier, and so on.


12] Wand movements were highly protested when first considered.


When Pandette first started talking about wand movements, many people thought it would ruin the spell casting system.  After it was put into place, those same people who protested actually turned out to love it the most.


11] The person who coded the Spell plugin was self-taught with less than a year experience.


Pandette learned to code by looking at someone else's plugin which she was familiar with.  Instead of doing tutorials, she spent much time, hours and hours, just looking through it and trying to understand how and why it worked that way.  Her first project was editing a house points plugin to work in the server.  After that, she made a plugin that allowed for roleplaying names in chat, and from there started coding all the time.  The original owner of the server was highly against these custom plugins & it may have been one of the deciding factors to create the original rift and result in the final boom that split the server apart.  Pandette started in code in June 2014.  If she can learn to code, so can you!


10] Anyone who wants to code a spell can use an easy to use API to do it.


Spellbook, the spells plugin, was written with an easy to use API that allows one to easily create a new spell with little java experience.  It was designed for people who were learning to code.  If you wanted to code a spell, and the spell got approved, it could end up in the server!


9]  For the first four months, only two people built on hogwarts


The entire exterior of the castle was built by Pandette & another person.  They did everything on the outside in four months before Chris Brennan joined the server & began working on it.


8] The DeTamble Family is a server Canon family


Pandette's original name was Tuesday DeTamble.  There were many people added to this family, and it was the 'unofficial' server family for awhile.  Anyone who gets the last name DeTamble is unofficial server royalty & their wand is special because it is Thestral Hair and Elder, like the elder wand in Harry Potter.


7] Knockturn was named for Knockturn Alley because of a build done by Bethie Malfoy


When the split occurred, the most popular build in Knockturn was Knockturn Alley.  (Previously the server was "The Land Over").  When coming up with names for the server, the idea Knockturn came up, because of the favored build of Knockturn that had just been completed with help of many of the people on the server, the original bottom done entirely by Bethie.


6] The Most spells in the server are Transfiguration Spells


This is probably due to a bias to transfiguration on behalf of pandette, but the spells and charms and dada are only about half of the spells in Transfiguration.


5] The Tapestry Corridor is so colorful because of a spell


There used to be a spell that caused wool blocks to be changed colors when cast, and many people used this spell to color the tapestry corridor.  Originally the tapestry corridor was going to have pictures, but after the first person ruined a tapestry with the spell, it became a place where people could color it how they want.  It remains in the same state it was in when the spell system got changed.  This spell was also the reason that wool is very rarely used in any of Pandette's builds.


4] Swearing is permitted in staff chats


Although we prevent people from swearing in global, and public places locally, swearing occurs frequently in staff chat.


3]  Wands and Familys have gifts and curses


Although you cannot know your wand's individual gift, it has a gift and a curse.  Your family gift can be revealed through a bot that talks in irc (Down at the time of this article but up soon)


2] Julietta in the Great Hall used to talk


She was a learning robot, but after awhile someone taught her to swear and she would often greet people with the F word.  She was shut down after that, and her code has not been updated since.


1] Wand Advice is not a wand


Wand Advice is often a souvenir that people keep, but it's actually just a bug from Ollivander where he drops the item you click.  Additionally, crafting your wand into a tool will not make it more magical.


Got something else not on the list you think is not common knowledge but interesting?  Post it below!

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Professors used to apparate people in the sky if they were bad. (That was usually Matthew Gray getting apparated)
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Professors used to apparate people in the sky if they were bad. (That was usually Matthew Gray getting apparated)

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Well, it was like I didn't know anything about Harry Potter... I had seen almost all the movies... Yeah.

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Well, it was like I didn't know anything about Harry Potter... I had seen almost all the movies... Yeah.


I had only seen the first two movies in dutch ;-;

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I've only watched the movies and started reading the books..

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I had read all the books and seen all the films by the time I first joined this server, so had Ella

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When I had first joined the server, it had been a few years since I had done anything that had to do with Harry Potter. But then after about a month, all of the movies came on TV. That was one of the hardest decisions ever. Watch or role play?

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That learning robot sounds like fun xD

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That learning robot sounds like fun xD


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