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The Lupin Family

Started by Richela , Mar 27 2015 12:51 PM

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Richela Lupin [Hufflepuff] [6th Year] [Witch] (Active)


Hermione Lupin [Gryffindor] [2nd Year] [Witch] (Inactive?)


Davy Lupin [Slytherin] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Inactive?)


Lex Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Witch(Inactive?)


Aloise Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Witch(Inactive?)


Hazel Lupin [Slytherin] [1st Year] [Witch(Inactive?)


Gub Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Inactive?)


Bella Lupin [Hufflepuff] [1st Year] [Witch] (Inactive?)


Lorin Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Witch] (Active)


Pips Lupin [Ravenclaw] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Active)


Max Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Active)


Ryan Lupin [Gryffindor] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Active)


Firebordbcf Lupin [Unknown] [1st Year] [Wizard] (Active)




The Lupin Family is a family of half-bloods whose alignment is good. The family leans towards Gryffindor.

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Hermione is one.

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I am a Lupin, Where am I


IGN: Duck Lupin

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I am a Lupin, Where am I

IGN: Duck Lupin

This post has been dead for over a year at this point. Please refrain from "Necro Posting". (Posting on a topic which has been dead for 2+ weeks). Thank you!
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