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Quidditch Tryouts!

Started by Crane , Dec 08 2015 01:46 PM

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Hello everyone I know you all are super excited for Quidditch! First things first We need to select Captains. After this is done keep and eye out for quidditch tryouts!


Role: Quidditch Captain



- You must be Year 2 or above to apply for Quidditch captain.

- Must be willing to assign practice dates once a week and Attend.

- You must book practice dates with Fance Arlington or Andrew Howden so we can clear the field for your house to practice.

- Please submit your name below and fill out the following

- You must be present at the tryouts for your team, you will have the final decision on who is selected. Favortisim is not allowed it is purely based on skill and personality.


1. Name:

2. House:

3. Year:

4. Position:

5. Why you would be a good Captain:


We will message you in game for an Interview and test your skills.



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Lisa Flume
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1. Name: Lisa Wood (lisa_7856)

2. House: Ravenclaw

3. Year: 4

4. Position: Chaser

5. Why you would be a good Captain: I would be a good Captain because I will make sure to bring my enthusiasm and house pride to the next level with each practice and game. I enjoy playing Quidditch a lot and feel I can guide my house towards a successful season if we try for the Quidditch Cup. I feel I am mature enough for the responsibility that comes with this title too. I will fully consider each and every flyer's skills and specialties when deciding the team as I value everyone independently apart from how they will work together as a team.

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  • Batman69
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1. Name: Stormy Potter

2. House: Gryffindor

3. Year: 6th

4. Position: Chaser

5. Why you would be a good Captain: I have a very good knowledge Of the game how it is played. I was Co-Captain to the last team when Cormac was Cap. Iv been around since the plugin was made and know it inside out. I love to play and play it often and would love to be able to be the captain for my house team to lead us to victory. 

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1. Name: Narcissa Riddle

2. House: Slytherin

3. Year: 2nd Year

4. Position: Seeker

5. Why you would be a good Captain: I really know how the plugin works, I am also the best, so you should totally disregard my year being an issue.  I am the #1 and I plan to buy new brooms for everyone on the quidditch team if you make me captain, so I am sure you know to vote me!

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1. Name: Lily Arlington

2. House: Hufflepuff

3. Year: 3

4. Position: Chaser

5. Why you would be a good Captain: I know a lot about Quidditch and how it's played. There are 700 Quidditch Fouls that can be played in a game, and the Holyhead Harpies are an all women's team that Ginny Potter played on, etc. I am a very good sport and I want to help my House win! I am also very encouraging.

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1. Name: Brian Stevens (billbominecraft)


2. House: Hufflepuff


3. Year: 5th Year


4. Position: Beater


5. Why you would be a good Captain: I have some experience with quidditch and I was told to sign up by Fance. I think that I can be assertive when I need to be and train people in the ways of life (I am Lisa's life coach). Also I think this will be something fun to do aas well as, getting together and enjoying a good game! 

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