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Map Dynamic Sound System Idea..

Started by gabe , Apr 08 2015 07:07 PM

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This is a suggestion to the developers, first like to say well done for all the work on the server - I only recently found it but it is defiantly the most interesting and fun one I have played on in a long time!


I do a bit of programming myself, mostly web app development (Python, Django etc.) and have recently played around with Java for Bukkit plugins.


One idea that I think would really build the immersion of the world would be to have a dynamic sound system. This would mean that a selection of 8 bit (.nbs) sound tracks would be played as you enter a specifically defined area of the map. 


I've played around and been able to get a list of Harry Potter sound tracks converted to Minecraft note block sounds (These sound really cool!!), then using world guard defined an area and got the sound track to play within that area. 


I think it would be a neat idea for when new players join they get greeted with the Harry Potter sound track! But also within classes and POI's like the Great Hall.


I understand that you are working on a bunch of other ideas, but if any developers are interested It would be cool to see it work / help out in any way.


Thanks for reading,




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This was implemented in the texture pack as disc before, but then the texture pack ended up getting messed up.  Additionally it was assigned to a plugin dev and he ended up getting banned for crashing the server on purpose.  Therefore, this is an idea that has been in the works, but at this moment we are busy with other stuff.  IF you know how to code, want to sign the CLA and join the team and do this, you are welcome to it.

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Such a plugin already exists I think.


The main difficulty with this plugin is latency. The song's Rhythm will be off since there is a ping difference.


A better solution would be to add soundfiles to the resourcepack and have a plugin call them.

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