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Knights of Walpurgis

Started by Narcissa Riddle , Jan 02 2016 09:41 PM

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Newletter 1/1/2016


To all whom may be concerned,


The Knights of Walpurgis is a new club, as you may have known from the fact that we worked the yule ball, we are a club for the betterment of all wizard kind and seek to become a powerful group in the wizarding world.


What have we been up to?


Lately we have been working on the creation of some yummy snacks for the populace of hogwarts which we will be selling soon, besides that we have been slowly building out club house up!  If you wish to become a helpful benefactor, we have a donation chest next to our notice board in the club room.  We may soon allow for some special outsider ranks after we finish organizing our club's members!




Newletter 1/8/2016


To all whom may be concerned,


The knights of walpurgis is working on ranks.  We have a meeting for club members today, please check for the time for all members! ;P.  We have not made any new spells for the knights, but we ARE working on something that will allow us to make a super cool SECRET new feature, which I am sure everyone will love ;P.  Don't worry, you will love it, or you will not be in the club.


Depending on who shows up for the meeting, we will choose ranks for the club.  Hopefully everyone does!




Newsletter 1/15/2016


To All whom may be concerned,


The knights of walpurgis are much saddened by the passing of Alan Rickman.  Attending the memorial for him was quite sad, and we hope he has found peace.  We didn't have a meeting this week, since most members have been busy with the Slytherin Quidditch team, and we plan to cater the Quidditch Games next week.  Hopefully everyone will be up to participate, especially those not on the team, to set up the shops for us so that we can sell food !  We will update soon on what we are doing ~ check for the password to the interior door in the club, which will be updated shortly



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