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Staff Member Handbook

Started by Pandette , Jan 20 2016 07:42 PM

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This is a required read for all staff members of KnockturnMC


So you have become a staff member!  Congrats! However, becoming a staff member comes with responsibilities and rules! Oh noes! Rules ! Responsibilities ! That sounds horrible.  Well, part of being in power is having responsibility for those around you.


  1. Communication
    • You should have Discord & access to staff chat.

Why?  This is because Discord is a method to communicate.  We require it of all staff members so that we don't just know you in text, but in voice.  This often can clear up some issues like tone of voice, and there is less ability for people to hide behind their words.  Ever notice some people are more aggressive when they type than when they speak?  That's because when they speak their voice is associated with it, and they are held more accountable. While we prefer you speak, it's also okay if you just listen.  We just need to have some type of voice communication between most staff.  So the general rule is, on the server, on Discord.


  • You should talk to all members with respect, and not demand in-depth explanations from upper staff

So, someone says they did something, or someone does something for some reason, and you don't know why.  You're a moderator, they are an admin, and you want to know why.  The problem with this, is maybe you're not the first person to question them.  If you think an admin is breaking the rules, report it on the forum.  However, upper staff do not owe you an explanation for what they do, they only owe the people above them an explanation.  So, if they do something you don't approve of, report it on the forums.  Do not argue with them in staff chat nor in any chat.  If an upper staff member asks you to do something, even if you don't like them, you need to do it.  If you disagree with it, and report it, they will be held accountable for telling you to do it.  You don't argue with them or ask why and demand an explanation or you simply won't do it.  You do it, and then report it later if you disagree.


  • A lower member of staff won't listen to me

Again, you don't argue with them.  Simply screenshot their refusal and report it on the forum.  If you were justified in asking them to do it, then they will most likely be removed from staff.  The goal we have is to decrease the pointless arguments.


  • Pandette asked me to do something, but I disagree with it

If Pandette asks you, do it, then explain it later why you didn't want to do it.  If Pandette actually asks you do something that is not okay, then maybe Knockturn Staff isn't the place for you.  Pandette will not usually ask you to do something craycray,. However, if that DOES happen, consult Richela, for she is the voice of Reason.


2. Dealing with users

  • Some user says something offensive or stupid

Your automatic response is probably going to be to be sarcastic or rude back.  However, we must always try to be helpful and polite to even the most annoying users.  This means you need to try and be nice and polite.  If they break a rule listed in the world rule list, then simply mute / kick / ban them.  However, as long as they aren't badgering staff and not breaking rules, you must let them be.  If there is really an issue and it can't be resolved by these matters, ask an owner, and they will deal with it.


  • You don't owe users an explanation

One of the annoying things about users is that they always demand an explanation for everything you do.  You don't owe them that.  If you ban someone, and they ask why, you can tell them they broke rules.  You don't owe them the why, they can choose to leave if they don't like it.  Of course, if you would like to tell them, you can, but if you tell one person, and 4 more ask, you're going to get exhausted.  You don't need to explain yourself to anyone except your superiors.  If the users ask for a reason, they can report it on the forum and everyone can get a singular response there.  Don't let their impatience for justification of the why nag you.


  • You can be friends with users, but remember not to be bias.

One of the problems with new staff is they are friends, and feel like they have to be extra nice to their friends that aren't staff.  Please remember, just because they are your friend doesn't mean that if they do wrong they can get away with it.  That's not how it works.


3. Obeying Rules

  • As a staff member, you must obey just as much as anyone

If you break a rule, you will be held accountable, and you might be removed from your position


  • Being reminded to do stuff

If a superior needs to remind you more than 3 times about something, you could be removed from staff.  If you aren't on Discord and you have to be asked every time to get on, you will end up off staff.  We aren't your baby sitters, if you can't follow our rules, you cant sit with us.


4. Abuse of Perms

  • But I didn't know that was a rule

If you are a staff member, it is part of your job to know what is a rule and what isn't.  If you break a rule you 'didn't know about', then you are outright telling us you are not suitable for staff.


5. Face of the server

  • You can't disparage the server

You can have a disagreement with other staff privately, but you must keep it private.  As a staff team we should be united, not divided in the face of our users, which means that posting public messages about your arguments with staff is not okay.  It's also not okay to post negative things about the server.  If you are caught doing this, you will be removed from staff.  You're supposed to make the server a better place, not make it appear worse.

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This is fantastic! The server is growing and we must start operating in a team. This of this like a business. Your boss asks something of you, you do it. Do harass other people or be rude. Common sense in the work place. Thanks Pandette great post!

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