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Dorm Checks

Started by Tyler Demure , Feb 08 2016 09:59 AM

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Tyler Demure
  • Tyler Demure
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You could get a Professor assistant or any staff member to check the dorm chests of students to make sure they are not hiding alcohol or weapons (Swords, Axes) or anything else that wouldn't be aloud.

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Katna Malamius
  • Katna Malamius
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Please delete one of your duplicated posts, as for the suggestions, weapons are allowed in Dorm Room chests, as you can't damage other players within Hogwarts, rendering them useless, unless you use it in the survival realm, the main reason people store it there. As well, alcohol is allowed inside of Hogwarts, however, you cannot drink it or give it to anyone within Hogwarts. Storage, however, is allowed. Keep in mind, as alcohol such as Butterbeer is a canon thing that Hogwarts students had in Hogsmeade, it's unlikely that it will be banned for storage, as students are allowed to have it. Although I cannot confirm what the future will bring, as alcohol is brand new, this may well be a thing, although I highly doubt it. Same for the weapons.

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Lisa Flume
  • Lisa Flume
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Also, going off of Katna's points-


this could technically be considered an invasion of privacy, right? In any school/university/situation, you cannot just go through someone's stuff if you don't have permission, not even a member of authority :)


There may be some changes to come though such as some rules regarding this new thing. We don't want any underground markets out of dorm rooms forming :P

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  • Pandette
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i dont trust all our professors not t abuse this and steal valuables so no

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