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Forum Rules

Started by Katna Malamius , Feb 15 2016 01:54 PM

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Katna Malamius
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Content of post




This is a PG 13 server, which also applies to the forums. Language should be kept to a clean minimal, where it's suitable for those of young ages. This includes abbreviations of said swears, as they mean the same thing. We want this as clean as possible, therefore, even if you do censor your sentence, it may still be considered too mature of language for those young of age. Extremely vulgar, graphic, abusive, harassing, or anything of that sort is fit into this category.




Although we do accept those of all religion and background, we would like to ask you to not post about your religion on the forums, as some people disagree with said religion, and will cause a fight. This server is Harry Potter based, and should be kept to that, not to religious matters.


Racism / Sexism


Discrimination against one's gender, or background is not allowed on the forums. This includes racial slurs in any form (ie, calling someone a terrorist due to their background). This also includes discriminating those of a certain gender (ie, stating that woman should stay in the kitchen). This also includes other personal things, such as their gender preference of partner, as we're an open Harry Potter server.




Talking about the said adult activity is prohibited on the forums; these forums should be clean for children of all ages. Also, posting graphic pictures will lead to the instant removal of your account.




This is less severe, however, we request that you don't purposely give false information to others, as this can be confusing, misleading, and downright annoying.




The repeated act of sending replies, messaging someone, or creating topics, is considered spam, and will lead to the removal of the posts, and you being punished.




At no time should you threaten another player, whether it be in-game, in real life, or on the forums.


Sharing Private Information


If private information of a given user is released without their permission (ie, their in real life name), the given information will be removed, and the poster will be punished. 




If you take someone else's creation and call it your own, this would be copyright violation, and the said creation will be deleted.




Providing a link to something that is not Knockturn related is not allowed. However, some exceptions are made to this, such as pictures or songs. Anything that tries to direct you away from Knockturn, however, will be removed (like posting links to other servers).




Don't use full capital letters for a post. Staff judgement will take place for this, however it should be obvious to not use excessive capital letters.




If the give post has been inactive for more than 2 weeks, you should not post on it. This brings back old posts that we don't want to show up again. Making 'bump' posts to keep it active is not allowed, and the 2 week counter will ignore said bump. The only exception to this is in Staff forums, where the Staff may require to bring something back.




Creating a post with less than 5 words is considered a micro post (meaning it's too small), and it's practically useless.


General Jerkiness


Being an all around jerk is something we don't tolerate here; if you're being extremely rude to someone, you will be punished.




If something breaks a real life law, your account will be instantly terminated, and you will be reported.






The size of your signature shouldn't be longer than 400 pixels. Width is mostly free ranged, but some exceptions are made to this rule if the width is excessive. 


Open the spoiler to see what a maximum of 400 pixels would look like.






The content of the signature can be anything as long as it follows normal forum rules.




Special Forums


Some forums have special formats (such as the Staff applications), please follow this format, or else your post will be denied or removed.


Roleplay Forum


The roleplay forum follows all of these rules, as all players can see it.


Reporting Posts


Please don't report random posts. It spams the Staff, and it is very annoying to have to deal with. You should only be reporting posts that have violated one of these said rules.


Correct Forums

Only make posts in the part of the forums that they belong in. For example, a post reporting a bug should not be made in the Staff Application forum. Posts that are not in the correct area will be moved. 




Note: Staff word is law. If you're asked to stop, you should comply, or else be punished. If you do not follow these rules, it can result in the removal of your post, or even the removal of your account.


-If you find a rule unfair, or of need of changing, please message me directly on the forums.

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I agree totally. Especially with the signature size. 

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Katna, I love your signature! oh my goodness! "If You don't know how to spell a word, use another one" is also a common quote of mine. 

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Added rule about posting in correct forums

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