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Started by Deana , May 01 2015 09:21 PM

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  • Deana
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Sometimes for teachers it can be troubling to find a guide to take the students to their classes, and its hard to find a guide sometimes who can take them. Maybe there's no one on who knows where the class is, or everyone's busy, and its hard to find a guide last minute. Maybe there could be a guide assigned for each subject, someone who you know will be dependent and who knows where the class is. It would be much easier for the teachers because they wouldn't have to find a guide at last minute or ask someone to do it and rely on them to know where the class is. They would always know who their guide is and wouldn't have to rush to find one or ask anyone. I don't know, just a suggestion. Thanks for reading! ;)

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  • Chris
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While it's a creative idea, we can't always have guides on. Also we have our lovely co-workers to do it for us!

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  • Tadpolicious
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Personally, I don't think this would work well, as both the professor and the guide would need to be on to teach class, which would result in fewer classes each day.

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  • Sky
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All mods should know where all the classes are ;3 

If they don't, then they should not be mods. 

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Bob Titan
  • Bob Titan
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If I am on you could ask me to be a guide because I know where almost all the classes are.
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Crystal Bell
  • Crystal Bell
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Maybe a map of sorts ? Like a 3d google maps that shows you where classes are with waypoints ?

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  • Pandette
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@mcmonkey created a plugin for this that will be released in the next update

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  • Kwesi
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Maybe a map of sorts ? Like a 3d google maps that shows you where classes are with waypoints ?

Gosh, as I read that, I thought of the Marauder's Map.

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Jack Kennedy
  • Jack Kennedy
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@Kwesi OMG like papers should be textured like the mauraders map, even though that might be hard, and in the chat, the map could direct you where to go. Even though is might be VERY hard ( idk I don't code ), it would be very useful for newbies.
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