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How To Code Java - A Basic Guide

Started by Pandette , Mar 10 2016 08:24 PM

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Hey everyone, a lot of people have been asking how to code & I thought I would make a how-to code guide.


First off, if you want to code for the server, you need to have the following:






JDK 1.8


Additionally reading and learning the following tutorials will help you on your way to programming:


1) Object Oriented Programming Concepts



2) Basic java tutorial



3) More indepth Java Tutorial (Do the basic one first and then this one for best learning)



Projects to test your ability to code>


1) Make a project that randomly prints out a cake from a frosting type and a flavor.

2) Make a project that will count to 100 and every time it is a multiple of 3 it says fizz, a multiple of 5 it says buzz, and if both, it says fizzbuzz

3) Make a project that writes a string backwards

4) Make a minecraft plugin that will print something out every time you do a command

5) Write a spell that will give you a potion effect

6) Write a spell that when it hits a group of people it gives a potion effect


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