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Shield Charm Idea (Not Protego)

Started by Matthew Gray v2.0 , May 27 2015 06:06 PM

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Matthew Gray v2.0
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Hey Guys,
I was dueling with my friend when I thought of what I think is a cool idea. So I Know there is already a shield charm Protego but though Protego is useful sometimes it's not always ideal because all your enemy has to do it walk inside the circle and cast. So I thought what if there's a spell that takes both spell casting skill and your reaction skill IRL, Here's ow it works. U prepare the spell before and when some one casts at you, In the 1 second or so before the spell hits you, you can cast this spell to intersept it if you do the spell they cast then has no effect on whomever it hits.
I hope you like the idea if you don't sorry for wasting your time :D
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The Shield Charm has its weakness. If a player is too close to the caster, the shield will be ineffective; that is one way to prevent players from being able to be block almost every single duelling spell an opponent can cast at this current stage. Those that plan on casting the Shield Charm should think about the situation they're in and when it would be appropriate to cast. If not, then they should try another spell to defend themselves against an attack. It is all about strategy when duelling, at least that's how I see the way it is.


With regards to your spell and its function and effect, the plan is for a counterspell to exist for many magical effects from spells, they are their own area of magic in the server, and players can be gifted in counterspells. This means spells that can be used to counter the effects of other spells are very diverse. With that in mind, I personally do not feel your suggested spell is necessary because of how it relates a lot to Finite Incantatem (the general counterspell which terminates nearly every magical effect), and from what I know, a spell like that is not really something that is encouraged to be implemented, because of the aforementioned system above. 


Nevertheless, I can understand what inspired your suggestion, and I think that it sounds like a pretty useful spell, so I like the creativity - keep it up! I'm just making a personal opinion about it because of how I think things are to my understanding, but I could be wrong. Again, nice suggestion. I enjoy reading players' creativity. :)

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