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Professor Rules List

Started by Richela , Jul 27 2016 11:55 PM

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This is an updated version of the Professor Rules since the last list was found to be very outdated. 



Class Teaching


Written Classes/Syllabus

All Professors must help with writing the lessons for their specific class. These lessons can be mostly made up, come from research of myths, or directly from HP itself. If a Professor is writing a lesson that pertains to more than one class, they must also contact a Professor from the class that their lesson is related to.


Number of Subjects

All Professors should be teaching their subject and their subject only. This means that Professors need to choose one subject (class) and stick to it. Exceptions would be if an Owner asked a Professor to teach another subject, or if a Professor wishes to teach Flying (which is a class without set Professors).


Minimum/Maximum Classes

Unless a Professor has an open MIA, they are required to teach at least two classes per week. If a Professor wishes to teach more than that, they can go up to teaching a maximum of 10 classes a week. The reason that there is a maximum number is because if one Professor takes up all the time slots for one class, it makes it nearly impossible for the other Professors to teach. Those who choose to go over the two class minimum should be considerate of other Professors in their subject when it comes to teaching extra classes.


Time Limit

Classes should range from 30 to 60 minutes. They should be 35-45 minutes long on average, and classes should not go over 50 minutes if possible.


Points Maximum

Professors should never give more than 30 House Points per class. 10 of these points should be reserved for the quiz section of the class, and the rest should be dedicated to homework/tests. If a Professor is unsure about anything regarding this rule, they should ask an Owner.


Class Weeks

Classes will be checked and recorded from 12:01 PM on Sunday to 12:01 PM on the following Sunday. All the class requirements for each week must be fulfilled in that time period.


Second Year Classes

Second year classes that have been taught will only count towards a Professor's class requirements if 7 first year classes were also taught in that class week. Second year classes should only be taught within 12 hours of a first year class. This means that if a first year class has not been taught all day, a second year class cannot be taught until someone teaches a first year one. When a Professor's subject starts teaching second year classes, they must do /class maxyear 1 for their first year classes and do /class minyear 2 for their second year classes (Professors would continue changing the maximum/minimum year as they teach higher year classes). Second year classes can be taught at the same time as first year classes.


Students on Desks

The only people allowed in the front of a classroom (or on the desk) when class is in session would be the Professor who is teaching and the Professor Assistant (only one Professor Assistant per class). This means that the only people in the front of the room would be those who are directly involved with teaching the lesson.


But They're My Friend!

Special treatment to anyone in a class (including the students, staff members, etc) is strictly forbidden. This would mean allowing one person to cast spells when others can't (outside of a demonstration), giving certain people special seats, or allowing them to do anything outside what is considered normal for a student in a class. Saying that the person being given special treatment "is my friend" is not considered an excuse for this.



To teach a class, there must be 5 people online. This means that Professors should not schedule a class when there is only 1 other person online. If none of the online users are going to attended a class, then the Professor should not start the class.


Writing Classes



All classes should be written in the area provided on the forum. You must request to be added to Transfiguration on the forum and the class(es) that you will be writing lessons for (this is usually just the one class that Professors teach).


Class Syllabus

A class syllabus should have about 20 classes per year. The syllabus should be written in the class/group that is made for the year along with the lessons for that class/year. A class/group will not be created until all the information for the class/group is ready and approved by Pande.


Classroom Rules



Kicking students from a class should be considered a last resort for Professors. It should not be used to get someone out of their hair.



All classes should start out with a reading of the rules for the class (unless the class second year or above, then it becomes optional). Below is a list of rules that are generally used, but they can be slightly modified, added to, or subtracted from to suit the needs of the Professor or class.


  1. Speaking Out of Turn
    • This rule is for when people in a class are purposely speaking out when they shouldn't be. This shouldn't include when someone accidentally types a random letter, when someone tried to welcome a new player in global chat, or if someone logs onto the server into an open class (without realizing it) and saying something. However, the difference between accidental and purposeful is up to the Professor of the class.
    1. Warning
    2. Loss of 1-2 points
    3. Kick from class
  2. Spamming /rh
    • This is for when someone is raising their hand (and lowering it, obviously) over and over again, when someone raises their hand when they don't even have a question, or when someone raises their hand during a time when the Professor said it's not allowed.
    1. Warning
    2. Loss of 1-2 points
    3. Kick from class
  3. Moving in Class
    • Any disruptive movement in class or movement that isn't allowed falls under this rule. Things like jumping repetitively, leaving a desk, or punching the air and spinning around wouldn't be allowed.
    1. Warning
    2. Loss of 1-2 points
    3. Kick from class
  4. Troll Questions
    • Questions that are obviously meant to troll the class or the Professor would be breaking this rule. These types of questions could take up class time, pester the Professor, or make fun of someone in the class.
    1. Warning
    2. Loss of 1-2 points
    3. Kick from class
  5. Casting When Not Permitted
    • This rule is for students who like to cast spells during class when the Professor has not given permission to do so.
    1. Warning
    2. Loss of 1-2 points
    3. Kick from class





Professors who can should schedule their classes on the calendar. It is understandable that many of the Professors won't know their full schedule, so it is not required that all Professors do this for all classes.


One Hour Rule

To make sure that everyone has enough time for their classes, it is required that classes are taught an hour after the class before it and an hour before the next scheduled class. This allows for some wiggle room when it comes to class times, meaning that errors will affect other classes less.



Classes that have been scheduled on the calendar take priority over spontaneous/random classes. If a Professor wishes to teach at a certain time, they should schedule the class on the calendar (assuming the time slot is open) or, at the very least, check the calendar before teaching. If there are no scheduled classes for a time slot, Professors can say in-game that they wish to teach next and schedule their class in-game as soon as possible. If a Professor says they will be teaching next and another Professor logs on and says they want to teach next, the Professor who called it first gets to teach (unless they are kind enough to give up the time slot). Professors should not use the calendar as a way to get around people who have called time slots in-game (meaning that a Professor can't go on the calendar 10 minutes before they want to schedule in-game and schedule a class there to try and take priority from a Professor who called the time slot in-game beforehand).


Six Hour Rule

Classes of the same subject and year need to be taught at least 6 hours apart from each other


Lower Year Priority

If a Professor schedules a higher year class and that class hasn't been taught for lower years in the last 16 hours, the Professor must teach a lower year class first. This rule assumes the Professor can teach classes above second year


Higher Year Priority

If a subject has not had a higher year class taught in the last 36 hours, the Professor for that class must teach a higher year class before a lower year one. This rule assumes the Professor has the ability to teach second years and above




Grading Items

When grading something, House Points are taken or given. The Professor must include the grade for the item (usually homework/test) when giving/taking the points. This means that an O/E/A/P/D/T must be included when giving/taking the points (in the description part).


Grading Scale

The grading scale below is required for Professors to use when grading items. Points for the items should not exceed the maximum or go below the minimum listed.



  1. O (Outstanding): 15 to 20
    • To achieve the Outstanding grade, a student must submit an assignment of 20+ pages of amazing or great content. This assignment wouldn't include worthless rambling, it would be something that the Professor would sell in a book store. This grade is for those who go above and beyond, and it should not be taken lightly.
  2. E (Exceeds Expectations): 10-15
    • Students who receive this grade must have submitted a 10+ page assignment of great or very good quality content. This student did the assignment and added some quality details/content.
  3. A (Acceptable): 5 to 10
    • This grade is for students who did the assignment. They did just what they were told. They didn't do less, but they also didn't do more. Examples of assignments worthy of this grade would be a 3 page Charms assignment on Incendio or a 5 page essay on their favorite cauldron.
  4. P (Poor): 1 to 5
    • An assignment with this grade would be something that fulfilled the page requirement, but was lacking in good content. It could also be an assignment that had pretty good content, but it was too short (didn't meet page requirement). Professors who read assignments worthy of this grade are left feeling as though reading it was a waste of their time.
  5. D (Dreadful): -1 to -5
    • A student who completed a Dreadful assignment may have tried, but whatever they turned in lacked content and substance. An example would be a 1 page story on Baubillious. Professors who read these are left asking "Why was this even turned in?". An assignment with this grade was a waste of the Professor's time, so points should be taken.
  6. T (Troll): -5 to -10
    • What the student turned in wasn't even the assignment, it was a book full of garbage. This person was obviously a troll, so points need to be taken.





Professors should not be biased towards anyone in a class in any way. Just because a Professor doesn't or does like one person more than the rest doesn't mean that they shouldn't be treated in the same way as the others. Professor must treat all people in a class fairly.


Professor Assistants

Professors can choose someone to be their assistant during their class. The Professor is not required to pick to pick any specific person; the Professor is not required to pick an assistant at all. However, Professors should choose their assistants wisely, and any assistant who isn't listening to the Professor/following their rules will be removed.


Staff Members

Staff members who are in a class should be treated as a regular student. Unless asked to do otherwise by an Owner (or unless they are an Owner), these are some things staff members should not be doing in class:

  • Standing in the front of a classroom when they aren't the Professor or assistant
  • Standing on top of something that isn't a seat
  • Speaking out of turn without the Professor's permission
  • Ask/tell the Professor to open a closed class so they may join
  • Get a guide to a class/get special knowledge from a Professor about the class to aid them


Supervising a Class

Professors who are on the supervision list or who are told they need supervision by an Owner need a supervisor for their class. Only one supervisor is allowed/needed for each class, and only those who are on the list of permitted supervisors may supervise (or if they are told by an Owner that they can). Supervisors must send a message to Liam (Crane) saying what happened in the class, if it went well, how the Professor did, and why the class did/didn't go well. The message can be sent in game via /mail (preferred) or on the forums.


Grading While Someone is Teaching

Do not grade homework or other assignments while a class is going on. It spams the class with the point messages, and it it just generally very annoying/confusing for people in the class.



Professors can have an office in Hogwarts, but it cannot exceed 4000 blocks in size (See the Building Code for more info on offices).



If a Professor is gone for 2 weeks or more without an MIA, they will be removed from Professor. MIAs need to be posted by all staff members (including Professors) even if they are going to be gone for only 2-3 days. Professors who are gone for a week will be expected to teach at least the minimum number of classes the next week to avoid being removed.


Staff Chat



Things talked about in Staff Chat should be mostly staff-related. There can be some off-topic stuff, but keep Staff Chat to mostly server-related items.



There should be no arguments in Staff Chat. There can be friendly debates or conversations about staff stuff, but there should be no yelling, insulting, or generally aggressive chat. Professors (and all staff members) are expected to be mature when using this chat, and arguments here will not be taken lightly.


Staff Chat is for Staff

Staff Chat is only for the eyes of staff members. Staff members (including Professors) are not allowed to screenshot, talk about, or quote conversations that happen in Staff Chat and show them to regular users (unless told to by an Owner). Again, breaking this rule will not be taken lightly.

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