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Dementors xD

Started by Ophelia Clairmont , Aug 07 2016 01:12 AM

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Ophelia Clairmont
  • Ophelia Clairmont
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This might sound crazy, but we should really add dementors to the server. They really put the life into no life! (I'm so bad xD) They were a big part of harry potter and it might be cool if expecto patronum (It's so awesome!!!) could be used to actually ward off dementors. I might sound really crazy for wanting dementors, but it would be cool to have them! Thanks! -Ophelia

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  • StaceyCha√ł
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Yeah, I also wondered why they added Expecto Patronus without dementors. (Well...the Patronuses are really cool from what I've heard) Maybe it will get added. :3
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Maximilian Arelle
  • Maximilian Arelle
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I'm not sure, if it woud work, bc the patronus is walking on the ground and a dementor for normal fly.... It would be cool, but fo rwhat task shoul dementors exist on server?

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  • Pandette
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Already suggestioned & planned.

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