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The Moore Family

Started by Bel!øna , Aug 29 2016 01:18 AM

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Hello! I just realized that the Moore Family doesn't have a fourm page! So, this is a little bit about us!


We are a half-blood family and are non-canon, this doesn't mean we're not as cool though! For the most part we are equally sorted into all four of the Hogwarts houses, we do tend to lean towards Hufflepuff though!


Alignment: Neutral

Gift: Transfiguration

Curse: Backfire


We don't have a motto but it would be nice to have one!
Here are our active members and their houses! We consider "active" as someone with 5+ points and has been on the server within the past month or two!

We don't have many active members in our family but we will welcome you with open arms if you were to join our family!

Diggy Moore / Year 2




Bellona Moore / Year 3



                                        Family Page

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