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Blishwicks Wizard Market

Started by Crane , Aug 29 2016 09:03 PM

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Blishwicks Wizard Market


For ages Wizards and WItches has been confined to the dark corners of Knockturn Alley to trade rare and highly sought after items..


Blishwicks Wizard Market is here to change that!

What appears to be a simple food store has a buzzing market where ONLY magical items are sold.

The board lets trusted vendors write Buy/Sell offers and the 18 shops offer their goods


But the best part is this:

We are offering a small stall for anyone,

Free of charge

To sell their Magical Items, Brooms, Ingredients;

Anything which might seem suspicious to muggles.


The only requirements are:

Only magical items
You must sell +5 items.
Items must be restocked resonably fast

Owner is not MIA for more than a month

Stalls will predominantly be given to people who has no shops themselves.


Post below with the following format to get a stall:

RP Name:
Things sold in store:
Why should I get the stall:

We are located in the Shopping Mall, 2nd floor, northwest corner.

Floo word is: WizardMarket

To enter the Market, enter the hidden door using the password


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IGN: taroshixela
RP Name: Taro [taroshixela] Chambers
Things sold in store: Wand Cores, Hats, Food, Magical Items, Second Hand Brooms and Books that I have wrote.
Why should I get the stall: I should get the stall because I have my way with getting my hands on items that people need, I would like to have a 'jumble sale' kind of shop where it trades with other people for items, and they can also request items on a book and quill. I have seen the location as it is near Calnash's shop and I thought it would be better than nothing.

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Does alcohol count? Like wizarding alcohol like Blishen's fire whiskey n stuff?

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