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Patronuses attacking forest mobs

Started by FroschThink , Sep 01 2016 04:17 PM

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Currently, Patronuses (Patroni?) only attack other players and mobs in towny. I think they should also attack mobs in the forbidden forest, maybe doing 5-10% for shep, because they take about 1 heart when they hit you.

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  • Crane
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I remember asking if they attacked mobs in the forest and Pandette saying something along the lines of:
"No I don't want them attacking any hogwarts mobs. Well unless that was Dementors and we make them"

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  • Cora
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Also, if this was added, someone with a strong patronus could easily just cast Expecto once and follow the patronus around as it easily killed the mobs. Feels a bit like cheating, to me.
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Veara Titan
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But then again, the Patronus doesn't actually do much damage to mobs, so it'd take a while to get a bunch of exp. You're better off killing the mobs by hand (with spells, of course :3)

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Pets will be able to attack mobs soon enough.  Patronus is for attacking dementors.

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