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House Common Rooms

Started by candy176 , Jun 08 2015 02:38 AM

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Okay, so I've noticed how people keep going into other people's common rooms. I'm in Hufflepuff, and I find it really annoying when I'm trying to work with my fellow Huffles and people from other Houses come barging in and running around like maniacs. I even know that a Slytherin set their home in our common room!

Now, I find this really annoying, and I have several suggestions for it.

#1: Change all of the Common Room passwords.

#2: Cause people to lose 5 House Points every time that they enter a Common Room that's not theirs.

#3: Send automatic mail to every person in a House every time that the House Common Room password is changed, and send automatic mail to any new players after they find out which house they're in about what their House Password is.



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  • Alice
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I like this suggestion. In fact a few moments ago on the server someone was having trouble getting into a common room that wasn't their own and was asking for help. They were in Hufflepuff as well.

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Athens Booth
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Maybe if you trusted the people you gave the password to.

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We aren't changing the passwords until we establish a new command that will allow people to check their house stats.  Until such a time passwords will remain the same.  In addition, since as of yet, common rooms don't have any function besides looking nice, we allow people to enter other common rooms, as I imagine some people brought their friends (from other houses) to a common room to see it in the real hogwarts.

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Matthew Gray v2.0
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Just don't kill anyone in hufflepuff common room... you will lose 50+ points :D
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@Pandette so the ppl who have been attacking me with Incendio when I am only 10 blocks away from the entrance to the Ravenclaw room where I believe the Ravenclaw common room is have no right to do that? Cause one time I was walking to Flying class early, and I walked by that blue and white room, and Ravenclaw's started casting Incendio at me. PS Idk who they were
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Attacking in hogwarts is not allowed unless you say they can or your in a dueling arena.
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