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Shop for Sale!

Started by Bel!øna , Oct 02 2016 11:07 PM

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Hi, so I'm selling a shop in London.


The original price was 400 galleons but, I'll be selling it for 350. This price can be negotiated, though!


If you'd like to check it out these are the directions to it! (It's a little out there, but easy to find)





1. Start at Leaky Cauldron

2. Go straight out of it and pass the Knight Bus, stop at the crossroads

3. Take a left and go almost all the way down until you get to the next crossroad

4. Stop when you see an alley with a water fountain and a picture of the Fat Lady

5. Go into this alley and go up the stairs

6. The shop is on the first floor, on the left. Room 2



/msg Koaalaa or Ninja__Bob in game if you're interested!

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