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Discord Rules

Started by Richela , Oct 12 2016 11:59 PM

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All Channels are SFW unless otherwise stated.
Swearing can occur, but should not be used to excess in SFW lobbies.
Music Bots
Music bots should not be above volume 10, unless in a private lobby.
Specific Channels
A channel that has a specific purpose which is stated in the description should be used for this purpose only.
Stop That
If someone asks you to stop doing something, please stop.  Especially if they have a higher rank than you.
Using Sound boards in public channels are not permitted.
Abusing bugs in permissions or any other bugs will result in a week tempban.
‚ÄčInappropriate Names 
Inappropriate names will result in being banned.
Identifiable Names 
While on the subject of names, all names must lead to you being easily identifiable.
While being banned from Discord and being banned from the server are two separate things, we ask that you follow all server rules in Discord as well.  Beyond that, we reserve the right to revoke your Discord privilege at any time.  Furthermore, if you break a rule in the Discord, we are perfectly within our rights to extend as punishment to the server itself depending on how bad the rule broken is.
You can not idle on Discord. If you have your headset muted please move to the AFK channel. If you are going AFK for more than a couple minutes in a public channel, please go to the AFK channel instead.  
To get a house/year/any other rank you need, post in the #help chat. Your messages will most likely be lost in other chats. However, only message the #help chat if you need help. It doesn't have to be only rank help, but it should only be used to contact staff when needed.

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