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[MOD GUIDE] How to handle a new user

Started by Pandette , Jun 13 2015 05:35 AM

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A guide for Moderators on how to handle a new user.


If you are encountering a new user please follow this check list:


  1. Do /invsee to make sure they have a starter guide!
    • All new users should get a starter guide & follow it!
    • Not all new users see it!
  2. Also verify they have a wand && it is owned by them.
    • Some users don't know they need to right click & get to class & WAND TICKET!
  3. If they don't listen to you, try for at least 5 minutes, especially if they just left oak
    • Many new users are scared and alone & don't realize you are speaking to them.  They might take a bit to get oriented.  If you follow them around a bit, they will usually realize they need you.
  4. If the new user is following the starter guide & talking to you, ask them to do /helpop if they have questions
    • additionally make sure you are answering /helpop
  5. Don't abandon them when they get sorted.
    • Ask them if they need anything else.
    • Points them to the spell tutorial
    • teach them how to see their /profile or do /classtime
    • show them their common room

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