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Started by stormy_owl , Nov 02 2016 06:26 PM

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  • stormy_owl
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Hi everyone,

My minecraft username is californiaflower, but my ingame name for Knockturn MC is Rose Dedworth. I just started, but I have coins, books, gobstones, robes, my wand, and some food like every flavor beans and cauldron cakes. I have been sorted into Ravenclaw. I wish to change my name, but I don't know how to get more galleons. I've read the whole Harry Potter series. Again, I just started about a month ago, but I can't go on often. I don't have a bed yet in my dorm, or a house, whatever that is. Hogwarts is amazing. So when I'm next on the server I wish to get a quill and some parchment, a broom, and some floo powder and other things, and get my bed in my Ravenclaw dorm. I can't wait to start classes! I hope that some people will give me some pointers.


Rose Dedworth/californiaflower


P.S. Does anyone have any more detailed info on to how to change your name? I want to change it to (if the first name isn't available, the next one on the list):

Ella, Kathryn, Alaina, or Melody.


Thanks for everyone's help!

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To change your name you need 600 galleons, and then you have to request it on discord.

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  • TheStartreker
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Ayy, Welcome! Hope you love Knockturn :)

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Welcome, hope you enjoy our humble server, and hopefully you get your requests sorted out! ^-^

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  • Griffinpuff12
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Welcome! :D

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  • Alice
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Welcome to our not-so-humble little family! I think I've seen you around. Anyways, great to have another Ravenclaw! I can't wait to see you online.

Some Pointers:
1. Feel free to ask for help. Independencey and confidence are wonderful qualities to have, but searching around for a specific classroom for hours will take the fun out of Knockturn. Trust me.

2. Focus on getting doing homework and taking notes before spells. Yes, spells are great. Dueling is fun. And they're oh-so useful. However when you're tier 9 and year one, you won't seem any cooler than someone who is year 5 and tier 1. (In my opinion at least)

3. Make friends. That might seem blunt and for some it is difficult but at least try to branch out. Knockturn is way more fun when you're playing with other wizards and witches.

4. Don't involve yourself in drama. Don't do it. Yes, writing about Latin Roots for Magical Theory can get boring but don't go getting yourself into trouble.

5. DO NOT marry early. Neither do I encourage you to marry random people.

6. Don't argue with staff and just follow the rules. It makes everyone's life a bit easier.

7. Try to get involved- post on the forums often, join a roleplay, arrange a snaps tournament, tryout for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, help a new player. Just be apart of the community ^.^

8. Get to know other Dedworths. Your family can become your best friends and also is great for roleplay.

9. Join a town in towny. Everyone wants an apartment or house in Diagon, London, or Hogsmeade. However, start small. Maybe just hold your valuables in a chest in a 3x3 wooden plank house. Doesn't matter to me, but save up.

10. Always save a bit of money for food.
A few places you can buy food:
- Diagon Alley (Many people own cafes); Titan Cafe is at the end of the alley near Gringotts on the left.
- Hogsmeade (People mainly go here for magical items and alcohol to be honest)
- London (Many shops scattered all over the place)
- Great Hall (Upon entering the GH, turn to your left and there should be a blackboard between the two tables. Click on the sign that is on the bottom of it and it will give you ten pieces of bread* and free of charge at that)
- Towny/ Mining World (kill animals/ farm)

11. Some Commands- That you may already know.
/switch ; switches you from Hogwarts to Towny, and vice versa
/profile ; shows you broom level, exp, tier, blood type, name, birth name, affiliation, and gender.
/glist ; shows all of the people on the server, as in everyone no matter what world they are in
/class schedule ; shows what classes have been taught, are being taught, will be taught, when & who by
/house ; shows your house, prefects, quidditch team, house points, & common room password
/helpop ; use this to ask for help from staff
/bal ; shows balance in money (this is not the same as galleons, sickles, or knuts)
/warp quidditch ; use this to get to the quidditch arena
/vote ; gives you voting links (you get 25 galleons per vote)

12. Not saying you would, but don't apply for staff after being on for a week. Just don't do it..

13. After having been online for a week, go find a bed in our common room dorms and type in /helpop "Bed Found".

14. You can find out to use a wand under the "Tutorials"/"Getting Started" tab of the Knockturn Web Site.

(That's all the wisdom I got for ya for now)
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  • stormy_owl
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Thank you soooo much for the pointers! However, I have a question. When I did /vote, I clicked on the links, and voted after doing capchas and my ign and all that. I've done voting for servers plenty of times, so I'm sure I did it right. I was still on minecraft with my chat open. However, no Galleons were added to my inventory. Are the votes added to your balance instead of your wizard money? How does it work? I don't mean to ask so many questions, but I'm a noob to knockturn. Thanks!

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  • stormy_owl
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  • IGN:Rose Dedworth

Nevermind, it was a glitch. Next time I went on it worked- I had to push escape first. Thanks anyway.

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