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Shop on Sale~

Started by DelilahDivine , Nov 05 2016 02:59 AM

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:wub:  Hello~ Notice me senpai.


  So, I have decided to sell a shop, as I'm the only person owning the shop, and the other had left Knockturn for good. Kudos to her. Anywhooooo, I'm selling it for the price I think it originally was; 420. (Galleons). If you are interested, I am off of MIA, and I'm already glued to Knockturn(muffin). So, reply to this topic or tell me you want it in-game.




  (in London) Simply leave from /spawn, take a left, and it's the first building on the left. Walk inside, and on the right, it is the 2nd room. It will be cleared out!


~Delilah Griffiths Ollivander

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Im interested in buying. I like the size of the shop. As long as the whole shop is COMPLETELY EMPTIED (absolutely no remains of the before shop) and the price is 420 galleons, I will buy it.

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