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Favorite Holiday Music?

Started by Aquilonn , Dec 07 2016 03:26 AM

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It's that time of year! That time of the year when joyous serenades fill the mall corridors and fireplaces burn brightly in the season's mirth, and what better way to celebrate the holidays with some music? With so many songs out there, I'm sure there's some I've never even heard of, but I'd love to hear all of your guys' favorite holiday songs! :D


But Andrew, you said holidays, does that mean I can sing a Halloween song? With so many holidays going on throughout the world and at various times, I'd love to hear any song that's related to a holiday, just please keep it PG if possible in case people want to look it up, and links are always welcome! ^-^


That's the intro, share to your hearts' content, as for my favorite songs, I have recently fallen in love with Last Christmas ever since learning to play it on piano, but I also love Keep Christmas With You and True Blue Miracle from the old school Sesame Street Christmas special(don't judge me okay? :P).

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Don't have too many favorites but there are a few I like to listen to each year. Some are from those creepy puppet Christmas movies they used to show back in the early 200's. I live in Wisconsin so people are extra annoying around the holidays. As is common in the Midwest. Winter Wonderland  It's going to snow  Snow Meiser/Heat Meiser  Does this one even count?


I'm irish so there's a few other stuff that I could post but it ain't really holiday related. Mostly songs about potatoes.

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I really like Santa Tell Me (Ariana Grande), anything sung by Andy Williams/Williams brothers/Osmond brothers, and I really love this cover of All I Want For Christmas that Dodie Clark did with her old flatmate. :D She does swear once in this video, at 2:26, so be warned. I can take it off my post if someone lets me know, but she's really great (check out the rest of her main channel while you're at it!!!) and this is really funny, so I thought I'd try and include it anyways. ^_^

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Kat Kirkland
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I like -doesn't have a link, but it's on itunes and most likely youtube- "All I Want For Christmas Is You", a cover by my loves My Chemical Romance. I imagine there's cursing in it so don't play it around small children, or even yourself? I don't know merry christmas
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Veara Titan
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My favorite Christmas-related song right now it this Carol of The Bells cover (There's no swearing, since there aren't any lyrics xD)

One of the best covers of this song I've seen around, and I love it even more because I can play 1/4 of it on the drums :3

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Ophelia Clairmont
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This is one of my favorites. It's really pretty.



Okay, this one is really funny. xD


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