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Alec Jones casting on Dayanara Lewis

Started by LasagnaTrain , Dec 18 2016 10:21 PM

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Y'all...I was doing amazing. I was having a nice time at the Gyffindor party (which had been populated by those of other houses, despite consensus disapproval, btw) and I walk out for a lag reprieve and what happens, y'all? Alec Jones Miedos me. I'm appalled. Shocked, even. I cannot believe a second year cast on me without my consent. I feel dirty. (Ella Spencer was with him but did not participate in the violation. She was an innocent bystander.)





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  • Luxow
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Yeah, he came into the Gryffindor common room after (uninvited) and started casting rictusempra and miedo on people, and didn't stop. I used /helpop but a staff member responded after he had left..

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Katherine <3
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He also cast rictusempra on me and at the same moment Peter King flipendo'd the carpet so i was flying while being tickled insanely.

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Alec MagixPanda
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I casted on you because you were going to cast Rictusempra on me.


This was soo long ago :lol: 

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