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Chocolate Frog Suppliers

Started by gliderslave , Dec 21 2016 09:21 PM

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  Hey everyone, this is gliderslave, my Rp name is Daniel Cunningham. I've recently made a farm that allows me to quickly gain chocolate frog cards and I decided that I would be willing to supply any stores that need them for their shop. As an employee of hers, naturally Lilly Knight gets first dibs on any cards she would like to sell, but I'll make sure she leaves a few good ones for everyone else. The way it works is simple, just feather mail an order to gliderslave. Request however many cases you would like, one case=one single chest full, and each case costs 15 galleons. I will then bring it to your store and drop it in the donation chest or hopper. If you do not have a donation chest or hopper, tell me in the order form and I will just wait until the next time I see you online to deliver them to you.



   I also would like to open this to individual players who are out there looking for a specific card, feather mail me the name of the Witch or Wizard and I will keep an eye out for that card while I farm them. If I get it I will feather mail it to you, so leave your ign in the order form please. Depending on the rarity of the card I will tell you the price after the order is sent in. Individual players can also request a mystery pack, this includes 10 cards I choose at random from my chest, the price of this pack will be 7 galleons.


   I hope everyone enjoys my new business and I hope all the stores that work with me profit from this. Have a nice day everyone! :D

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