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Homework will now be displayed through a command

Started by Pandette , Dec 29 2016 06:42 AM

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Hey everyone,


Just letting you know that homework is now going to be displayed through a command rather than on boards in rooms.  From now on when you do /date you can see classes to come and classes from before.  When you hover the glass for the dates, you can see what classes are there (purple = classes) and if there is a class you will be able to see the class Id (Also displayed on /class time if the class was within 24 hours).


If you run the command /class homework ID it will display not only the homework but also who to send the owl too!  the ign exactly! Not more asking what the professor's ign is ! yay !



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i bet professors are going to be happy to have no more people repeatedly ask them what the homework was

Thanks for the update!

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This is going to help a lot of people!

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