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Selling (another) london apartment

Started by PinkiePurples , Dec 29 2016 07:37 PM

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AHHHHHHHHHHH another shop I don't need anymore e.e


Selling a London apartment! Somewhat large, could be made into two floors.
  Original price: 1000 galleons | Selling for: 750 galleons [250g less]


    - Turn right at London taxi, and go to the phone booth at the end of the street.
    - Turn left towards a road that has little stone pillars coming from it and stop at them.
    - Facing north [Check F3], turn right and go up a dark oak staircase.
    - Go to the second floor of the building, the middle apartment is the one being sold.
  Apparation cords: 5145 100 7425
Contact/Mail Pinkie Schoenheit [PinkiePurples] if you want to buy!

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