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Inner View Magazine!

Started by Luxow , Dec 30 2016 04:43 AM

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Hello people of Knockturn! Me and my friend, Alana Hunter, have started a magazine line called 'Inner View' in which we discuss of recent topics brewing in the Knockturn community and interview players. Each volume costs 4 galleons. Here's whats in Volume 1.


1: Cover Page

2: Table of Contents

3-10: Inner View on Werewolves

11-20: Interview with Zoe Tripp

21-26: Inner View on Mordonia

27-28: Advice Column [If you have a question for the advice column mail it to me with /mail send Luxow  (question)]


If you want to buy a copy of volume 1, owl me 4 galleons and I will owl you a copy back, or msg me in-game!

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Wouldn't it be easier to sell them with the shop sign thingys?

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It looks like this is meant to be the sort of thing that happens IRL where you get your newspaper mailed to you, what if people send a payment via owl and they are sent the amount they paid for via owl?

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