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MIA - Jake Evans

Started by Jake Evans , Jan 13 2017 01:05 AM

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Jake Evans
  • Jake Evans
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I know (This is my first time oml) But as you may know (Or Not know) the last two days I have been on less and less I just simply I have been losing interest I have just got Apparate and I got Year six (Everything I wanted) so I have been trying to find reasons to stay online so I just need to break I do not know how long nor if I am coming back but I just don't want to wear this server out. So Cya soon

I will be popping on ICR and Minechat everynow and then I might stop in for a little




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Kat Kirkland
  • Kat Kirkland
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Okay, Jake! Hope you return soon. Have fun, learn a new language and don't burn everything down. Take care.
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  • PinkiePurples
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Take care, Jake! Hope you come to on from time to time if you do leave!

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Katherine <3
  • Katherine <3
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Reason 1 : Year me up bbq xD

Anyways take care my love <3 have a nice time away from the dank memes and extreme usages of App puns that are truly so APPauling they deserve APPlause from the one and only, APP, and maybe her sister, disAPPointalia.

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Zoe Tripp
  • Zoe Tripp
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-sigh- Whyyyyy -APPluads- See ya Jake! Stop in ever once in awhile to save me from these APPauling puns! :o
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