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Opening Skin Requests

Started by Thalli Take , Jan 29 2017 03:02 AM

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Hi guys! I'm still active! 

So, I haven't been selling much in Knockturn lately and I decided to start making skins recently (blame that for my inactivity, for the most part) and today I figured out and finished my first boy skin... ever. So that means I'd like to start receiving requests. 


These will only be humans, I do simple skins and shading, no ombre at the moment unfortunately. To request one you can msg me via forums. I will need a good description of the skin, and if it is a skin of someone, tell me who so I can get some pictures. I can refuse to make the skin depending on the content you ask for. The price will be in galleons and it will be 8-10 galleons, more depending on the complexity. Once I have finished your skin I will send you the link and you can download it. 

I am also doing a YouTuber skin request theme so if there's a YouTuber you want to have a skin of, that's my current theme.  So uh, currently I have no other place to post the crossed out info, so I'm going to just stop that part of it.


How To Pay Me: I have a shop linked below here that you can go check* with directions to my London shop. Inside the shop is a donations chest just inside the entrance, to the right. Leave a book saying your name and the price I give you, then put the amount you owe me next to the book. After you have paid I will post the skin and give you the link. If you don't pay, well, I'm not posting it and I will not give it to anyone so you can't ever get ahold of it <3


Comment here if there is info that I have left out of the topic! Thanks!


Uhm, one more thing: If it is of a person please don't ask for anyone you know IRL, because that's awkward. I'm not going to go through social media to find them, I am using Google Images.


*This link leads to another Market topic in this forum.


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