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Profile Page - Technical Error?

Started by Noelle Peverell , Feb 02 2017 12:14 AM

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Noelle Peverell
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According to myself, and numerous others whom have tried to access my profile page - the link from in-game - have failed at their task. Earlier today, I contacted someone who advised me to post my newfound error, and I thought it was a wise decision. I have never been able to open the page previously, nor have any others. My roleplay name is Noelle Peverell, and my ign periiwiinkle, if you need it. Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you may find a solution! 

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This is happening because of a recent update with last names. You have one of the newer last names that have been added so you may not have a gift / curse yet and I'm pretty sure this is what is causing this problem. You can always go into the "Family" section, click on any random link, replace the link name - Example: asdfghjkl/DELACOUR to asdfghjkl/BLISHWICK - and members of your family will come up and you'll be able to access your profile page.

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