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How to Survive Knockturn 101

Started by Viøletta , Feb 02 2017 10:41 PM

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How to Survive Knockturn 101 - what not to do


  • Directly message the owners! They're never busy!
  • ​Guide all of the new players without permission! Helpers definitely don't have that as a job.​
  • Spell spamming in the Great Hall and Entrance Hall is a great place for spells! We definitely don't have a whole forest for that.
  • Asking for classes makes professors happy.
  • Asking if your homework is graded makes professors happy too.
  • Interrupting class with Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes is a good way to make professors laugh.
  • /helpop never works.
  • Always ask when class is over, because they always end at different times.
  • Global rules are just a really bad joke.
  • Flying inside is always a good way to earn points.
  • Broadcasts are just for professors to remind themselves that they have a class and need to guide themselves.
  • Casting in the middle of class is so fun! The Hufflepuffs always laugh.
  • Yelling in caps is a good way to get an answer out of someone, so /class time doesn't need to be used.


How to Survive Knockturn 101 - what to do

  • Don't directly message the owners unless it's a serious situation that Admins can't fix. They're very busy and work hard. Going to an Admin or Moderator is the best option.
  • Let Helpers guide new players. They're more experienced and know what they're doing, versus students guiding new players could confuse them majorly and leave them even more helpless than before.
  • Don't spell spam in the Great Hall or the Entrance Hall. We have several locations for that, which is not the public area where people hang out.
  • Asking for classes isn't going to do anything. Professors are real people with real lives and take time out of their day to teach classes.
  • Homework is graded when the professor has time and can do it. Like IRL, you don't go up and ask professors if the homework is graded. You wait, then find out your score once they contact you, which in this case would be professors messaging you your point score. Don't message and ask if it's graded, it's obnoxious.
  • Interrupting class in general is not good. I can assure you, class will be a lot more fun if you don't interrupt the professor and let them carry on with their plans for class.
  • /helpop is there for you to use! If you need help, have a question, are confused, use helpop. We're here to answer your questions and assist you.
  • Classes can last from 30-60 minutes. IRL whenever you go to class, I bet you don't ask the professor , "When is class going to be over?" You just sit, listen, and wait until you're dismissed.
  • Global rules are set in place for a reason, follow them. It makes it more enjoyable for the community if we don't constantly have someone breaking rules.
  • Flying inside is not allowed and honestly.. why? We have a whole Quidditch field for this!
  • Broadcasts exist for YOU! Reading them is something you should do. They tell you the year, class, when it is, and who is guiding to it, if there is a guide! Guides will always lead you to class 10 minutes before it begins [ Transfiguration - (10) ] and they will guide you there from the Entrance Hall!
  • Attempting to cast in the middle of class is disruptive and it's not needed. You will learn spells when the professor tells you that you have permission to cast.
  • /class time is essential. It tells you when class is, what class, and what year. This is the best option to use instead of screaming in global about when the next class is.

[ This will be added on to. The top section is purely sarcasm - don't do those things. I hope you like this~ ]

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*goes to link this to all the people who can't follow the simple rule of flying inside*


You should probably add something about Flying inside or asking "where is Charms" when there is a guide leaving in 5 minutes

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I can smell the salt in the first section and it's beautiful. You should add that /class time is a useful thing, definitely not yelling in all caps as to when classes are.
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This is beautiful, truly a work of ar- rules. -gives this link to people that can't stop asking for me to grade hw-

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Can i give this link to all the new people i help omg



ALSO you should add "Don't ask what you need for potions"

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