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White's Flour Power Bakery!

Started by denisgnar , Feb 06 2017 12:54 PM

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Hello guys, so I opened my brand new shop. Its bakery. The shop does not have the floo fireplace, but it might will have!


U may ask what we sell? - We sell all kind of cheap food and drinks. Also you can donate for us!



1. Do /spawn

2. Get out of leaky cauldron and go straight on, near taxi. When you go there you should see a big building with orange bricks.

3. Go straight.

4. When u hit the end of the street, turn left and go straight on. My shop is near the end of the street. When u will go more, u will see a big shop for 2000 galleons (from green bricks) but its just the house that is in that street, so keep going straight! 

5. When you will reach a building from stone, you should see gryffindor's house doors fat woman painting, so its not my shop entrance, but if you go straight the street again the next entrance will be mine entrance. So my shop is on the right! 


Enjoy the treats!  :D -Shop owner Horace White




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