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Gracen Bell- Temporary MIA

Started by Gracen Night , Feb 06 2017 08:52 PM

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Gracen Night
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Dear Knockturn Friends and Family,


For those of you that know me well, I always seem to drift off of things during the late cold months following up to Spring. Name-ably right before Valentine's Day. Funnily enough.. Guess what I am doing again? I am taking an MIA that should extent over until the 15th of this month. It is not due to being punished, or lacking time to play on the server. Do not worry about me, I just need a little extra pressure placed on me for a little bit. So please don't poke and prod at me about things. I hope you all understand. If you are close and want to know why exactly, private message me. Otherwise! I will miss you all and will probably pop on to teach needed classes and get people to teach for me. I Simply will not be around as much.. or not at all. I am unsure.



My Thanks,


~Gracen (Night) Bell / Geen Bean / Gwendalyn Starr <3

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Kat Kirkland
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Take care~ Hope everything goes all right during your MIA!
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  • PinkiePurples
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Have fun, Gracen!

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  • Griffinpuff12
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Take care of yourself. ^_^

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