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{Another Short} MIA - Kat Kirkland

Started by Kat Kirkland , Feb 07 2017 01:58 AM

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Kat Kirkland
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*deep long sighing* lets get this over with...


I recently took an MIA for schoolwork, and I assumed that was the end of my suffocation in education...


I was oh so sadly mistaken.


So, I will be taking another MIA until Thursday/Friday, depends whenever I can get hold of everything. Its my goal to be back Thursday though. I will still be active on Discord.. as nothing can completely tear me from Knockturn. Never. :3.

Cya then!! o/

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  • Griffinpuff12
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Aw, take care of yourself. ^-^

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  • StaceyCha√ł
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-shoves homework in Kat's arms- Do this too please BBQ <3

(Take care of your hw and come back soon >:o)
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