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Aye it's been a year!

Started by HaliaBoo , Feb 14 2017 06:06 PM

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So I can finally say I have been on this server for a year now! I joined as a newbie to the Harry Potter world and didn't know too much, but enough from movies. The first day I had met Malia, who helped me realize that I had a family given wand and didn't need to get one at Ollivanders. After getting my Diagon stuff I don't remember much but I did go to Dada which Clove was teaching and I was so scared I would fail something. After that I made friends with all kinds of people and even married my friend as a joke (That's how the Savage family started xD) From getting staff to making all sorts of friends, I've loved it all and can't wait to make memories on this server. So yeah, I am a year old now! xD

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Congrats! :)

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