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Builder Rules

Started by Pandette , Mar 04 2015 06:30 PM

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General Terms



You may only build in a location that Fance, Cosette, or Richela or a project manager has specifically given you permission to build in.  You cannot decide without permission of any of those parties to build in a location, and you have to understand what it's okay to do, which will be communicated by the person who has assigned you a project. 


Gamemode 1

You may not enter into Gamemode 1 unless you are ACTUALLY BUILDING.  If anyone discovers you are breaking this rule, because you are flying around the castle, trying to avoid getting killed by a player, trying to avoid eating food, or for any reason not approved by Cosette, Richela, or Fance has not given an okay to, then you will most likely lose the builder title.



By receiving this role, you understand that any duplication of any item, regardless how small, unless otherwise given permission by Admin level or higher and you will absolutely be removed from the role depending on how big the issue is, or given a series of warnings.


Easter Eggs

Any and all 'easter eggs' you think you are going to be put into the server need to be approved by Fance, Cosette or Richela.  You cannot put hidden rooms or passages.  Random items you think are funny, or signs that say anything that you were not told to put.  There are exceptions to this rule such as non-distructive placing of signs or funny things in a staff members office, such as the random signs or carpet changes that often happen in Cosette's office.  However, unless approved by Cosette, Fance, or Richela, any easter eggs you place will be considered abuse of perms.


Staff Conduct

When you accept this role, you accept acting like staff and refraining from doing any of the following acts: Posting anything negative about the server, globally arguing with other staff or about the server in global chat, breaking ANY rule that a normal user would follow, or being rude to members of the server in any form.  You are supposed to be a role model for this server, and unless you are SPECIFICALLY roleplaying, anything that is in this will be considered a breech of our conduct.  This can also include harassing students by 'trolling' and causing them to have a generally unpleasant time.


Special Perms


World Edit

World edit is to be used ONLY for building, and anything that will lag the server should not occur.  If you are unsure how to world edit, ask for help.  If you are unsure if something will lag, ask before doing it.



TPA is a perk of being a builder.  When you are a builder you are able to teleport to another user.  This is something that should not be abused, but if you use it amongst your friends or to help someone, we often over look this.  But it's a short trip from using it for fun and abusing it, so don't push it.


Flying and GameMode 1

You are only to be in flymode or gamemode 1 mode WHILE BUILDING.  If you want to do something else and this task requires fly or gamemode 1, you need to ask Cosette, Richela, or an admin if they think this is okay.


Personal Time and Personal Weather

A perk of being a builder if /ptime and /pweather which you can set for yourself.  This you may use at will, and I do not mind at all.  It has no effect on the server and if you want to have no idea what time it is, thats your own deal.  You have these perks and you can use these perks.


Speed or anything else

In regards to anything else, if it's not on this list, don't use it outside of building.  If you do, you can lose the position.  If you think something needs to be added to this list, talk to Cosette, Fance, or Richela and having this list amended.


"My Building Skills"



By becoming a builder you are opening the forum to users saying they don't like your build or think it looks stupid.  And you need to turn the other cheek.  It can be very hurtful, especially the jerks that don't even consider that someone spent months working on this project, but unfortunately it's our punishment that with power, comes having to be in the right side, and not being able to be in the wrong.  If someone is outright offensive, and you think they need to be kicked, banned, or muted, talk to an admin or higher about it.


Cosette, Fance, & Richela

We understand you put a lot of effort into building.  We understand you don't want to redo things, but the horrible fact of being a builder on a project this big, is not everything you build is going to be approved, not everything you do is going to be considered appropriate for the server, and Cosette, Fance, and Richela can and probably will tell you every single little detail that does not fit, because the simple fact is, we will nitpick the details and we will make sure it looks it's 100% best.  If you are of the sensitive sort, do not apply for builder, because we are not mean, but we are harsh, brutally honest, and will tell you when you done messed up.

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