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Building Code

Started by Richela , Jul 07 2015 04:49 AM

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Building Ownership Rules:


Editing the Outside of a Building

You are not allowed to alter the outside part of your building in any way. Adding doors to the front of your building counts as violating this rule. If you do alter the outside of a building, it will be put back to the way it was before and you will receive a  warning.


Ugly Buildings

Don't ruin the inside of your building. Things that count as violating this rule are: just placing random blocks everywhere, using blocks that aren't used anywhere else in the area you bought your shop in, making your building one giant swimming pool, etc. If you do this, all of the offending blocks will be removed and you will get a warning. 


Nether Portals

You are not allowed to make Nether Portals in your buildings. It causes a lot of issues and it also is ugly. If a Nether Portal is seen in your building, it will be removed and you will get a warning. 


3 Shops

You are only allowed to own 3 shops in an area at once (except Hogsmeade). Diagon/Knockturn Alley count as one area, and London counts as one area. If asked to do so, two or more people can be listed as owner of one building or shop. This will still count as one building towards each of the people listed. 



You cannot put doors over the main entrances to your shop/building, but you can block off the doorway if you are editing your shop and do not wish for people to enter until you are done. However, you cannot have a shop closed off for more than a month at a time. If you leaved your shop closed for too long, it will be taken away. 


Building Usage

You have to use your building. If we sell you a building and you just let it sit there and rot, why do you have it in the first place? After you buy a property, you must build in it within 1 month (Exceptions would be that you're MIA, and have told us that on the forums). If you do not, the building will be taken and put up for sale once more.


Ceilings, Floors, & Walls

No, no you may not break your floors in London. If you find that for some reason you are able to edit the floor of your shop/apartment, please tell a staff member. Also, you can't break the walls. If you find that you have permission to break the walls, also tell a staff member. Even if you own multiple apartments in a row, you can't break walls to connect them. Same goes for ceilings.



The greeting (message that it gives you when you enter the building) must be set to "Owned by (usernames)". In Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, there should be no greeting at all. If you change the greeting/add a greeting in your building, it can be removed/reset at any time by another staff member.



No farewells. They will be removed by a staff member if seen.


Office Rules:



Your office is required to have a desk. 



Your office is required to have a bed. 



Your office is required to match the scale of the other buildings. The scale is 2:1 (Which means everything is 2 times bigger). This means, make everything larger. 


Ugly Offices

Don't ruin your office. If you don't know how to decorate, please don't try to do a bunch of decorating. Also, see the Ugly Buildings rule above. Stuff like that isn't allowed. If you make a super ugly office, I can't promise that Pande won't burn it down. At the least, you will have your office closed and you will be asked to redo it.


When Buildings Will be Taken Away:


Rule Breaking

If you break the Rules of Building Ownership too much (Aka 3 warnings), your building will be taken away. All your items will be removed and you will not be allowed to purchase another building. 



If you have been gone for 2 months or more without any notice, your building will be put up for sale. All your items will be removed and you will not be refunded.


"I Quit!"

If you announce that you are forever leaving or quitting the server and do not return for several weeks, your building will be taken. Nothing will be refunded if you ever do come back, and someone else will probably buy the shop. 



If you are permanently banned for whatever reason and you do not post an appeal for over a week, your building will be put up for sale. If you are ever unbanned, you will not be refunded.

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Updated 3 Shops rule, Building Usage rule, Doors rule

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