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The Blishwick Family

Started by Crane , Aug 09 2015 09:14 AM

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The House of Blishwick

"Nunquam non Paratus"
"Never Unprepared"


The House of Blishwick are a proud Pure-blood Wizarding family with ties to the House of Black.


We honor the old traditions and believe that muggle-blood does not belong in the veins of a Wizard!

Any family member marrying a muggle or half-blood will be blasted from the tree tapestry and disowned, never to return.


We are proud members of the House of Salazar Slytherin, though The Sorting Hat wrongfully places

some in the other, inferior houses.


Though we are not officially recognized as members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight in the Pure-Blood Directory,

we are as Pure as the House of Black, decending directly from Jimbo Blishwick!


We are few, and even fewer active... 

Thus it is important for us to find common grounds.


The current active members of the family are listed below.

Please contact Liam for inquiries


Born Blishwick:


Liam Blishwick - (Gryffindor) - 7th year

Artemis Blishwick - (Slytherin) - 2nd year
Ikatron Blishwick - (Ravenclaw) - 1st year

Lestrange Blishwick - (Hufflepuff) - 1st year
Hey Blishwick - (Gryffindor) - 1st year
Salex Blishwick - (Slytherin) - 1st year
Draco Blishwick - (Slytherin) - 1st year




Oliver Blishwick - (Gryffindor) - 7th year - Brother of Liam
Lisa Blishwick - (Ravenclaw) - 6th year - Wife of Oliver
Sharquisha Blishwick - (Ravenclaw) - 3rd year - Wife of Hey


Hopefully, many more will come as this great and powerful family rises!

Family link




(Now, don't get your knickers in a twist. Even thought I have been sorted into the house of Gryffindor and therefore wouldn't exactly be the first to yell out about pure blood elitism ect. I believe the Blishwick family to be of that mind. - Therefore I have chosen to represent them as fanatic supremacists as their ties to the House of Black is documented in the lore.

Bonus info: They would most likely have supported the actions of Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters, though none were among his ranks

Yup - we are pretty Evil)

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Updated with active people after Sharquisha just double posted it...

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