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Skyblock Rules

Started by Fancepants , Jan 19 2016 03:18 PM

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Skyblock Rules


Island rules

  • If Island PvP is on, killing players is allowed - The Welcome area should be safe though.
  • No automatic AFK farms. This means no dispensing tools on the player while holding down a button etc. 
    (example: cobblestone, fishing & crop gathering AFK machines)
  • Darkroom mobfarms should be small in size. 20x20 with 2 spawn layers max.
    This is to prevent lag and limit the effects on mobs spawning on other islands.
  • No Autoclicking software OR hardware. (rubber-band etc.)
  • Keep animals/villagers at a max of around 25 of each.
    (Breeding and killing some of the adults is allowed)
  • No infinite Villager/chicken breeders
  • Mob spawners farms should never exceed 100 mobs - AFK'ing by one is not allowed for extended amounts of time.


General rules.

  • Welcome signs should lead to safe places, If you don't want people visiting then don't have a sign.
  • When visiting other islands, do not collect dropped items without permission.
  • As a general rule don't hit Zombie Pigmen in other islands Nether.
  • Respect the owners of an island - if they ask you to leave, do so.
  • Bugs/loopholes which allow a player to gain Galleons at unreal rates should be reported.
  • Creating new islands and draining them of resources to fuel a larger island is not allowed.
  • PvP/Casting spells on others without permission in their island and spawn is not allowed

Failure to comply with rules and regulation after a warning  and 1 weeks time will result in removal of your island

As Skyblock have been up for a while, the rules take effect from now on.
AFK machines must be removed/modified immediately and all items acquired from now on by these means will be considered a violation of the rules.

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First!  :D

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Wow, minecraft has gotten to be super serious bizness.

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