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Hogsmeade Rules

Started by Richela , Feb 06 2016 06:58 AM

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The Application

Username: Owner's username (Only one owner per shop)


Roleplay Name: Owner's roleplay name


Shop or Apartment: Are you buying a 'Shop' (ground level room where things must be sold) or an 'Apartment' (upper level rooms that cannot be used to sell things)?


Address: The address of the shop you're buying. These will be on signs outside of the shops.


Shop Plan: "What are you going to sell?" is the main question you must answer here if you're going to sell things. If you're buying an apartment, just say what you're going to use it for other than for selling items (since you can't use apartments as shops). Other things that can be included are: a shop name, how the shop will be decorated, or how you will bring in customers. Basically, you can add any details about the shop that you already have planned here. This is one of the most important pars of the application.


Shop Members: The usernames of the people you want added as members of your shop (Remember: members can edit the shop if they're added, so choose wisely). You can choose to add more or remove people later, so this is just a starting list. If you don't want anyone added, just say "None".


Read the rules of Hogsmeade shops? Yes or no 


This application must be used. If you use another, your application will be thrown away.



The application must be submitted to one of the chests in the Real Estate Authority section of the Ministry. If you're buying a Shop, submit it in the chest on the left (it is labeled as the Shops chest). If you are buying an Apartment, put your application in the chest to the right (labeled Apartments). If you try to give your application to a staff member, it will be given back to you or thrown away. If you put your application in the wrong chest, it will also be thrown away.



Your application should be written with a book and quill. After you finish it, make the title either "Shop" or "Apt", depending on which you're looking to buy. Improper titles will result in the throwing away of the application. When filling out the application, please copy the questions into the book, then write your answers below or next to the question. You can also label the answers #1, #2, #3, etc., if you don't want to copy the whole question down into the book. If the answers are not separated in some way (Either by copying down the question then writing the answer below it or by labeling the question with a number), your application will be thrown out. 



If you have an application that is in the reviewing process and you choose to pester staff about when you will get the result, your application can be thrown away. This means asking questions like "Could you please look at my application", "How long does it take for an application to go through", or "When can I get my Hogsmeade shop".



If your application is accepted, you will receive a server mail notification. If it comes to our attention that you don't have all the money required to buy it when an admin approaches you after your application was accepted, your application will be changed to denied and will be thrown away. You must have all the galleons needed to purchase the shop already ready when you submit your application.



When your application has finished the reviewing process, you will receive a server mail notification with the results. If your application was denied, you cannot make a big fuss over it. If you're seen complaining to staff about how your application was denied, the chances of future applications being accepted get much, much slimmer.




30 Days

After buying your Shop, you have one month (30 days) to start and finish building it. This means that you should have enough materials ready when you buy it to get a good head start on the building process. If you have an Apartment, the regular rule for building stands. You must use your shop within one month (30 days). If the requirements are not met, you will receive a notification in the mail saying that you have 3 days to finish. If you do not work on your shop/apartment in those 3 days, it will be taken from you. No items will be refunded. The only way that this rule doesn't stand is if you have an open MIA.



The main entrances of Shops cannot be blocked off ever. This is due to the fact that the entrance to the Apartments are usually within the Shops, so if the shop entrance was blocked off, it would make it impossible for the Apartment owners to enter. Apartment owners can block off the entrances to their rooms since things are not sold there, and they are private.



Shops and Apartments cannot be decorated in ugly ways. This is more for Shops since Apartments are mostly private. Apartments are still expected to keep their rooms looking decent, but owners are not expected to really decorate (just doing place a bunch of random stuff, make it one big swimming pool, or other crazy things like that). Shop owners are expected to decorate since users will frequently be using them. We're not expecting 10/10 decor, but you should do your best.


Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Due to the odd shapes of the Hogsmeade buildings, many of the regions will not fit perfectly into the buildings. Although you may have the perms to edit the floors, walls, or ceilings, you are not allowed to. If we notice that you have edited any of these things, it will be removed, and you will get a warning. If it appears that you purposely meant to ruin the building, your ownership will immediately be taken, and you will not be able to purchase another. 


Address/Shop Name Signs

You may not edit the address sign on your building. You cannot change the address, and you cannot move the sign at all. You can, however, ask for a sign to be placed somewhere on the outside of your Shop with your shop name on it. If we find that you moved your address sign, you will get a warning.





The greeting for your Shop or Apartment can only be "Owned by (username)". If you change this to something else, you will get a warning.



Farewells are not allowed in Shops or Apartments. 


Two Rooms

You are only allowed to own a maximum of two rooms in Hogsmeade. You can own one Shop and one Apartment. This means that you can't have two Shops or two Apartments. One of each is the max. If it is found that you own over the maximum, the most recent one you purchased will be taken, and you will not be refunded. You may also receive a warning.


Shop Repossession




If you are gone for 2 months or more with no MIA on the forums, your Shop or Apartment will be taken. No refunds will be given if you come back.



If you are perma-banned and do not create an appeal within two weeks, your Shop or Apartment will be taken. No refunds will be given if you ever get unbanned.



If you anounce that you are quitting the server and do not come back for a month, your Shop or Apartment will be taken. No refunds will be given if you ever return.



If you get too many warnings, one or both of your properties can be taken. If it is serious enough, you can even be banned from ever buying another Shop or Apartment. No refunds will be given if your Shop/Apartment has to be taken due to rule breaking. 



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