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The Age Requirement

Started by Umbreon Yuuki , Oct 20 2016 03:45 PM

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Umbreon Yuuki
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I know we arent supposed to discuss this , but i have a suggestion to make about it.


I think if someone makes an application and it is denied because of not meeting the age requirement the staff member should write "your application has been denied because you have to be so and so" . This way the staff dont get bugged by so many re-applying all the time because they dont know the age requirement. And if you do it this way, only that person will know the age requirement, and staff can prevent people faking their age this way aswell, because if someone reapplys a month afterwards and is now 16 , when last time they were 11, they have evidence from the previous application that they are faking the age, so you know the person is lying. 


I think this would be a great idea, to stop people from making millions of applications bugging staff because they have no clue at all what the age requirement is. 

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  • Viøletta
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If you were told the age requirement, I bet there would be a lot more people lying about their age on applications. Also, it doesn't really bother staff when you apply and you're below the age requirement. You're just told that you're not old enough for the rank.


As for "Only that person will know the age requirement" there's bound to be someone who would spread it around. I think it's fine as it is currently.

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  • Cris
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It wouldn't be only that person knowing. Not everyone is trustworthy and would probably tell their friends if they wanted to apply and they'd probably fake their age. Basically, the info would go all around and everyone would eventually know so, better keep it this way :P :)

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The problem is for people who never filled out an application before, not for people who have applications

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