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Me, Meself, and I as Bambino

Started by BemoBabe , Nov 14 2016 09:00 PM

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Hai, I'm Bambi Cunningham. I am a witch on the server since the 30th of November, 2015. I'm pretty much a nerd, since I got Ravenclaw on a Harry Potter role play Minecraft server. However, I don't read.. Siri. I'm year 3 and tier 4. My family curse is Charmwork (It stinks because Episkey does the opposite of healing me) and my family gift is Transfiguration. My favorite subjects is Herbology and Transfiguration. I love turning carrots into bunnies, arrows into birds, and dirt into pigs. I love flowers and nature, and of course animals. I guess that is why my name is Bambi? I love colors and I like to make dark things bright again. I'm 5'7". I have dirty blonde hair which is down to my shoulders and blue/grey eyes. My profile photo is me in 7th grade. Sadly my hair isn't like that anymore. My MC skin is what I want to look like IRL, but that ain't gonna happen. My favorite color is violet. I'm 14 years old and I live in America. I have more friends all over the world than in real life. My real name is Lucy. It isn't a nickname, my name is just Lucy. Some people call me Luce. I make stupid jokes, and that is probably why people look at me like they just saw a ghost. I also love puns...

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I too, love le puns <3

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Welcome, my deer! :D

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Welcome to the Forums :D
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