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Buying an apartment

Started by Percy Renshaw , Nov 20 2016 10:45 AM

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Percy Renshaw
  • Percy Renshaw
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I would like to buy an apartment, and more specifically:
1) Is close to spawn
2)Isn't tiny
3) Has a good amount of space
I might still buy a small apartment, but only if the price suits it being small and is cheaper. I also might buy an expensive apartment, but also only if it suits the apartment being relatively large. Thx!
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Umbreon Yuuki
  • Umbreon Yuuki
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Have a look around. I think there are some in the 2nd building on the left of the leaky cauldron
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Rey Wayland
  • Rey Wayland
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I'm selling mine for 1k each (We can negotiate the price). It's huge and It's next to spawn, let me know if you wanna check it out!

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  • PinkiePurples
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I'm selling one for 400, half of the original price, it's medium size, but is tall enough to make 2 floors. If you want to look at it, these are the directions:



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