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Tiny HelpOP Suggestion!

Started by Aquilonn , Dec 28 2016 03:41 AM

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Hello all! Now, ever since the introduction of the new HelpOP system, I have loved it, it's so clean and compact and helps keep everyone on the ball. For those unaware, when a Helper+ responds to a HelpOP ticket, they are entered into a chat only the Helper and the inquirer may see. In this chat however, most forms of chat are blocked off, so you have no way of knowing if someone is talking to you. In /ticket list, a ticket will show if it's "In-Progress", and my suggestion is that beside In-Progress, it puts who's answering the ticket. For example: 111 [In-Progress: Andrew Arima] Andrew Arima: this is a test. With this suggestion, I hope it would cause less confusion when trying to communicate with someone who is currently doing a HelpOP, and I hope it is considered! :D

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  • PinkiePurples
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I like this idea, because I usually don't know who is answering a ticket and they might not be the right person to answer the ticket. And, like you said, if I try to say something to them through Helper/staff chat, they won't be able to hear (unless they are messeged, because msg can be heard).

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  • Viøletta
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Fabulous idea, I'm all for it. Like Pinkie said, that would be great to have because sometimes people answer a helpop and may not need to. (Such as a Helper answering a HelpOp for a dorm bed)
Also this may be a nice way to keep track of who's helping out and making sure that helpops are actually getting answered.
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I love this, and agree with Pinkie and Vio. It would be super useful and also save people from trying to have a convo and it endning up being one sided xD Great idea!!!!

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