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How to Vote

Started by EHari , Jan 11 2017 02:04 AM

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Not sure if this would be helpful or not. But I'm hoping this will prevent some of the easy mistakes like not being on the server or closing too quickly.


Step 1: Make sure you are somewhere on the Hogwarts server. Great hall, a common room, Diagon Alley, the forbidden forest.

  • Towny, Mordonia, and other servers do NOT count.
  • Mordonia has it's own voting system. This is strictly for galleons.


Step 2: Type /vote


Step 3: Choose ONE of the sites for now.


Step 4: Do the captcha correctly. caps it if required.


Step 5: Type your IGN - username. Make sure it is capitalized and spelled properly.

  • Character name - Hari Bell
  • IGN - EHari (not ehari or Ehari)


  • Character name - Maximilian Walcott
  • IGN - KathoLP (not katholp, kathoLP, or other varients)


Step 6: Submit, but do NOT close the page. Wait a minute or two for the system to register your vote.


Step 7: Repeat for the other sites.

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