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Karaoke Night!

Started by Annnub , Jan 15 2017 03:33 AM

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Karaoke Day / Night!

January 21st, Saturday @ 5PM EST



I know, I JUST hosted a karaoke event last month but it's time to dust off our singing voices and blackmail App! (Just kidding I probably won't sing)




Karaoke Day / Night will be hosted January 21, Saturday @ 5PM Est




It will take place on the Discord Channel "Karaoke" so make sure to get your tags so you can join!

( Discord IP: https://discord.gg/r2wdqnh )


How do I sing?


Private message "App" saying what song you want to sing

(For those on phone you can hold down my profile picture, let go, and then open 'User Settings' then simply press 'message'

For computer: click there name and type the message)


Some friendly reminders:


- Remember to keep this SFW, meaning it's safe for ALL ears, if you sing an inappropriate song you will be muted and unable to sing for the rest of the event.

- If you are disrespectful to anyone you will be punished, don't be rude to those singing.

- Be patient when waiting to sing and don't continuously bug me

- If you're caught using recorded singing to "sing" you'll be removed from the event

- Do not interrupt me when I'm talking

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Katherine <3
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I missed the last one :c I hope I can make it to this one :D
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Don't forget to join us tonight at 5pm Est!
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-cries- I can't do et ;-;
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